Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Ten Shows I Wish My Wife Liked...

Like many couples, my wife and I spend a lot of time watching TV together. Most shows we both like and I suppose it is fortuitous that we have such shared tastes - that, or to be expected given that, you know, we love each other and so overlap a lot.

Anyway, despite all that there are some shows that she simply hasn't bitten on. Some she has watched one or two episodes and not been drawn. Some she is simply repelled by.

Hill Street Blues

We should watch this for the theme music alone. And then it's being genuinely seminal TV.

Phoenix Nights

I do get that this is not everyone's taste, and Peter Kay is certainly over-rated in my book. But if there is one thing that Kay has done that makes him worthy of adulation, it's this.


To be fair, my wife has made it plain on many occasions that she does not like war films, and even though this is a sitcom set in a mobile army surgical hospital, it may be a little close to the line. Either way, her verdict: not funny. Perhaps it is revenge for my not liking Scrubs very much...?

Curb Your Enthusiasm

This is probably my fault. I showed her possibly the worst, most cringe-y, painful episode from possibly the worst, most cringe-y, painful TV show. This was poor judgement - she may never recover.

The Larry Sanders Show

We did try with this, but I am not quite sure what happened...


To be fair, this post-Cheers Ted Danson vehicle was not awesome. I'll concede that it was pretty patchy. But even so I like it. Again, her verdict: not funny...


There is a little backstory here, which I won't go into. Anyway, this is one of those weird pleasures I have carried over from childhood - sort of weird, creepy, contentless, funky (in an early 70s Derek Griffiths sort of way). I guess you had to be a 70s kid to get it and that rules her out. Sad face,,,

Star Trek: TNG

Star Trek: DS9

Star Trek: TOS

I couldn't decide whether this should be a single entry or three. I decided on the latter. Not only are these shows awesome (in the order presented above), but they form a key point on my world view. One day, I keep promising myself, one day, I'll convince her. And when I do, I'll not make the mistake I made with Curb...

I now sit in anticipation of a post from her of shows that she wishes that I liked!

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  1. I'll have a go at the weekend for a response piece my sweet. You'll have to show me how. xx